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It pays to dress for the weather.  It's something that you don't think about too much in warmer climates, but in Canada's North, it can be the difference between life and death.  Scott's pretty bundled up here - ready for another day facing the elements in his job as a snow-plow operator in one of the most remote and unforgiving areas you'll find on any road.  While the plow truck does have a heater (which usually runs pretty much non-stop this time of the year), you're not always in a position to take advantage of it.  If you have a problem in the middle of the night (or day, for that matter) that takes you out of your truck, you have to be prepared.  Let's follow Scott as he's doing his job on the most northerly section of the Stewart-Cassiar Highway - otherwise known as Highway 37.
Scott's day usually starts in Jade City, BC.  Jade City, population around a dozen or so on a good day, is located just south of the old Cassiar turnoff, around km 600 of the highway. The Holloway Bar Placer Mine is just a bit north, at km 615.  The winter snows are well settled in by this time of year - and there's still time for a few blizzards and maybe a cold snap or two yet this year!  However, like other places in western North America, it has been a rather warm year this year.  But you can't afford to let your guard down - you still have to be ready for anything!
Winter can bring some nice, sunny (and sometimes even warm) days.  It's not always snowing and miserable outside.  When you're inside the plow truck, it just looks like you're driving down the road in any other vehicle. 
Misty clouds sometimes hang in the mountains in the winter, adding a soft contrast to the clear blue skies.
Operating a snow plow in the wilds of Northern BC sometimes can give you an interesting perspective on things...   Here are a few views of Scott's winter world that are not too often seen elsewhere.
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