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Welcome to the Holloway Bar Theater!  There are two ways you can access the videos here - directly (through the All Videos link on the sidebar) and through the categories links on the sidebar.  There are three main categories of videos to view, all accessible through the sidebar:

Adventures - Holloway Bar mining adventures and northern-themed videos
Wildlife - Animals and natural scenery
Timelapse - Time lapse videos and short documentaries
All Videos - Everything on a couple of pages

You will need flash installed in your web browser to view these videos.  Enjoy!
Our Feature Video...
Holloway Bar
A Gold Miner's Dream:
The Holloway Bar Story
New Videos
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The Holloway Bar Gold Miners
Part 1 (2, 3 and 4)
Through a Miner's Eyes: Gold Mining with the Wizard
The Holloway Bar Diggers
They still call this a creek...